Boost the Effectiveness of Your Resources With Professional Accounting Advisory


From considering or planning a large transaction to handling the day-to-day accounting responsibilities of your organization, accurate and consistent financial accounting and compliance are essential for any business. Anropi Consulting Group provides accounting advisory services and consulting professionals to supplement your in-house accounting resources.


Anropi’s accounting advisory services include:

  • Transaction accounting: We consult on accounting for purchase, sale, spinoff, restructuring, and other transactions.

  • U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) compliance: Anropi consults on the application of accounting standards to specific transactions, such as income taxes, stock-based compensation, goodwill and intangible assets, derivatives and hedging, fair value accounting, revenue recognition, and many others.

  • Accounting assistance: Anropi can assist with your month-end, quarter-end, or year-end close or with special projects or analysis, as needed.

  •  Other financial advising: Anropi provides resources and consultation to aid in the preparation of budgets, forecasts, and projections.


As a small Firm you get personal treatment from us and we can help you: review business operations, industry trends, and tax developments; identify planning opportunities to help you improve your business; and provide assistance in managing all your day-to-day accounting needs.

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